• Spring 2015- Research Project for Anthropology 392-
  • Spring 2015 – Athenaeum Press Internship Project- “A War on Two Fronts” museum exhibit for Horry County Museum about African American soldiers in World War II.
  • Summer 2015- co-author of “A War on Two Fronts” book publication with the Athenaeum Press.
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  • Fall 2015- Athenaeum Press project- “A War on Two Fronts” traveling museum exhibit.
  • Spring 2016 Capstone Research , “The Fight for Flight: Women Aviators in the Early 20th Century” on gender bias in Aviation from 1900 to 1945.
  • Spring 2016 Athenaeum Press Project, “Currents of Change” about gentrification and Holy Cross Faith Memorial Episcopal Church.
  • Graduated in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in History.